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(Global Nomadic Art Project)

France- 2017


Olivier Huet, director of GNAP France

The group will consist of 15 international artists and 7 French artists, all well-known in the field of land art or “Nature Art. » The general theme will be related to the underground spaces of the Saumurois, as well as their environment (hillsides, banks of the Loire river…). The artists will realize ephemeral works in different places of Doué-en-Anjou and in the Saumurois region. An exhibition will take place in the center of Les Perrières at the end of the event. This exhibition will be presented during the 2017 European Heritage Days which will happen just after the residency. A general catalogue of GNAP Europe will be published in Korean and English. For the French residency the catalogue will include a summary in French. A specific catalog for the GNAP France will be edited in French.



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Clean your house as much as you can

video by Atefeh Khas

GNAP France- 2017










لطفا برای دیدن ویدیوها از فیلتر شکن استفاده نمایید

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