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GNAP in Germany

Global Nomadic Art Project





GNAP in France

Global Nomadic Art Project





GNAP in Turkey

Global Nomadic Art Project



General presentation

(from Yatoo documentation)


The Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP, for short) is a project in which Nature Artists from around the world actually meet physically on location in order to work together. It was initiated by the Yatoo group from South Korea, an artistic group active in Nature Art since 1981.


GNAP was founded on the idea that ‘nature has no borders’. It looked at the traditional life of nomads who obtain the bulk of their necessities of life from nature and who leave little trace when leaving. It was desired to better understand the root of human history and culture, and to reveal how creative practice continues to flow through direct contact with nature.


The Yatoo group has planned the Global Nomadic Art Project – Korea each year since 2014, which also serves as an opportunity to train other local project planners. Following the 2015 Global Nomadic Art Project in India, the 2016 Global Nomadic Art Projects have been held in South Africa and Iran. A Europe tour will be held in 2017, with GNAPs in six countries: Bulgaria, Roumania, Hungaria in July, Germany, France and Lithuania in August and September. They will be followed by a GNAP in Turkey in October 2017


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