Atefeh Khas

Reflection of Nature

(From Reflection Series)

Iran Environmental Artists' Selected Works in

Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

27 Oct. To 15 Nov. 2011


انعکاس طبیعت

از مجموعه انعکاس

نمایشگاه مروری بر آثار هنرمندان هنر محیطی ایران

موزه هنرهای معاصر اصفهان

آبان 1390


This is a box about 120x120x90 cm which is 100x100x70 cm inside, which an image of nature is seen. It hangs from the ceiling. In Fact, it is a very big light box that an echo- machine is installed in between outside and inside the box to prevent being seen by audience. There is a hole in the bottom that an audience can look through the box. When you speak loudly, your voice will be echoed and heard. It is like you are talking to nature and get response.

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