Atefeh Khas


(From Metamorphosis Series)

Metamorphosis series refers to environmental issues

Installation in Yatoo Art Gallery

South Korea




(از مجموعه دگردیسی)

مجموعه دگردیسی به مسائل زیست محیطی اشاره دارد

چیدمان در گالری Yatoo

کره جنوبی



In the millions years ago, when human doesn’t exist on earth, dinosaurs was living on it. We know it because, we found some fossils and bones which remains of them. We are sure that, they aren’t exist today, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t restored to life again. For hundreds of years, human is living on earth and they made many dangerous changes just for being comfortable such as industrial factories, nuclear waste, plastic rubbish. So, many of them is effecting on earth, plants and animals and marine in sea. It’s not so far to see some strange animals with changed genetics. They can be new generation of dinosaurs. We infect oceans and sea without any attention which they will destroy forever and we will loss them. Without them, we can’t be live also.

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